Damnation Books has released Craig Taylor’s The Day of Legion as an ebook.

Description: The Darkness will do anything to slay all those who stand in their way of corrupting mankind. Light bearers, those born to protect mankind, must face an immortal seductress as she attempts to bring forth the Legion of Demons.

Thrust into the battle between light and dark, Doctor Patricia Leland and Light-bearer David Ravenbrook must do all they can to protect five year old Jason Hansen from evil, but at the same time, figure out the plans of the darkness before mankind is lost forever … if they can.

Excerpt: The pleasure in his eyes was instant. His loneliness melted away and he felt wanted again. He smiled and started to imagine this beautiful woman as his partner and all the things they could do together. Then he felt her hands on his neck and the pressure. She chanted quietly to herself. At first confusion set in. He thought she just liked it rough, but reality soon became apparent and he started to choke. Within seconds he was dead.

Clara got off him and stood by the bed. She knew it would happen quickly and she was excited. She didn’t have long to wait, before the body of the man arched its back and inhaled deeply and loudly.

The face turned to look at her and she knew straight away the demon was in him. His eyes were completely black and the familiar odour of the darkness filled the room. The chest heaved as the demon relished in the pleasure of breathing in the earth’s oxygen; something it hadn’t experienced for hundreds of years.

Clara released the bindings holding the limbs, allowing the demon to sit up and look around. He smiled. She was instructed to acquire a strong healthy body and she hadn’t let him down. He could feel the muscle fibres and the lean limbs over strong, solid bones. He felt the lungs breathing in the sweet air and he could smell the sickly scent of a world with too much light and hope.

You can order directly from Damnation Books here: The Day of Legion

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