Bad Moon Books has announced the June trade paperback release of Martin Mundt’s The Cranston Gibberer.

Description: Transformed from mild-mannered author to terrifying Beast-Man!

Join X on his unbelievable journey from Human to Inhuman, from Obscurity to Fame, from Gentility to Depravity, the journey of all New York Times Best-Seller List authors.

See! Two-Fisted Action!

See! Suits Being Custom Tailored!

See! Floozies And Fish-Like Cashier Girls!

Experience Thrills, Chills, and Blood-Curdling Terror!

Experience The Cranston Gibberer!

Now! For the first time Anywhere!

Printed in the miracle of Word-O-Vision!

Interested readers can pre-order directly from Bad Moon Books: The Cranston Gibberer

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