Amazon Digital Services has released the digital edition of Fred Anderson’s The Cove for only 99 cents.

Description: Six months ago, John Burleson woke from a nightmare, about a quiet little cove off the Tennessee River and the terrible event he witnessed there as a boy. Now the dream is coming almost every night, always the same, robbing him of his sleep and sanity. John’s only hope lies in revisiting the past – and coming to grips with what happened all those years ago.

“When I was growing up, we lived near a wildlife refuge off the Tennessee River,” says Anderson, “and a small cove close to our subdivision had these terrifically creepy holes underwater, in the riverbed, where a spring bubbled up from the aquifer. The ground around them was rotted and looked like it wanted to crumble away, dropping some hapless kid down into that darkness where who knows WHAT lurked. To this day, the thought of falling into one of those things makes me shudder, so I decided they’d make a good story. The Cove is the end result.”

Readers can instantly pick up a Kindle edition here: The Cove

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