Gary Brandner’s The Howling is now available in a collector’s edition from England’s MHB Press. Originally published as a paperback original in 1977 (US) by Fawcett and in 1978 (UK) by Hamlyn this classic tale of werewolves provided the inspiration for the extraordinarily successful movie of the same name. Out of print for many years and next to impossible to find in hardback Gary Brandner’s horror novel is now available to collectors and fans in a quality signed hardback edition with a new introduction by the author.

Description: Roy and Karyn Beatty thought they had it made until Karyn suffered a brutal sexual assault she would never forget. In an effort to save their marriage and their sanity they moved to the rural California town of Drago. Like all small towns, Drago was quiet. Sometimes too quiet. The people were strange and at night … the wolves howled. With a history of unexplained deaths and disappearances the seemingly safe town of Drago harboured an age old secret. And it was in their new home that Roy and Karyn would be forced to confront a horror that defied belief.

Readers can purchase directly from the publisher here: The Howling MHB

Or through Cemetery Dance Publications here: The Howling CDP

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