The Bitten Word Anthology, published by NewCon Press, will see its launch at the World Horror Convention 2010 on Friday, March 26th, from 3:00pm – 4:00pm at BAR ROGUE, The Albion Hotel, Brighton, UK.

The Bitten Word is a collection of all-new vampire stories (bet you couldn’t have guessed that) by some of the best known authors in the genre plus some up-and-coming future stars, with front cover art by John Kaiine and back cover art by award-winning artist Les Edwards.

The book will be available in two editions: A5 paperback, and a special signed hardback edition, with dust jacket, limited to just 150 copies, with each copy individually numbered and signed by all the authors. The limited edition hardback includes a bonus story by award-winning author Ian Watson, plus a color plate of Les Edwards’ wonderful back cover picture.

Paperback £9.99
Limited Edition Hardback £32.00 (Signed by all of the contributors).

Contributions by:

1. Ian Whates — Introduction
2. Simon Clark – “Vampithecus”
3. Kelley Armstrong – “Young Bloods”
4. Sarah Singleton – “A Winter’s Tale”
5. Gary McMahon – “Those Damned Kids”
6. Storm Constantine – “Where the Vampires Live”
7. John Kaiine – “English Spoken”
8. Chaz Brenchley – “Hothouse Flowers”
9. Nancy Kilpatrick – “Traditions in Future Perfect”
10. Andrew Hook – “Red or White”
11. Freda Warrington – “Fall of the House of Blackwater”
12. Tanith Lee – “Taken at His Word”
13. Kari Sperring – “Cold Rush”
14. Donna Scott – “Lord of the Lyceum”
15. Sam Stone – “Fool’s Gold”
16. Jon Courtenay Grimwood – “Wuthering Bites”
17. Ian Whates – “The Abomination of Beauty”
18. Gail Z Martin – “Vanities”
19. Ian Watson – “My Vampire Cake” (available only in the special signed limited edition)

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