Douglas Clegg has a short piece in his current newsletter about how he came to write The Attraction.

Here’s what he has to say: “… (The Attraction) was based on a trip made with spouse and friends to The Thing in Arizona. I recently got a call from Bentley Little about The Attraction – he loved it. A high compliment coming from one of my favorite horror novelists.

“You love the disturbing, vaguely nightmarish roadside attractions out there in the middle-of-nowhere hellholes of America, right?

“I know I do. To me, it’s not a road trip if it doesn’t involve stopping in some godforsaken spot for some oddball site or bizarre experience. And one of the most memorable was running into The Thing.

“Ever see The Thing?

“Few roadside attractions are more bizarre than The Thing – that grand-daddy of southwestern gas station stopovers that blows away the rest in its sheer weirdness and twisty corridors.”

Interested readers can catch more from Clegg’s blog: How I Came To Write It

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