In The Alpha and The Omega, David Downey places a story of Christ and Lucifer in modern times. Christ is in the form of a Latino cult leader, Jesus Cesarez, and Lucifer is in the form of Joseph Pierce, who becomes president of the United States. Both of them are on the “World of Man” at the same time, but since Lucifer knows there are no coincidences in creation, he knows that they are both on Earth for a purpose.

Unlike Christ’s first mission of peace thousands of years ago, Jesus Cesarez is now on Earth to deliver his Father’s final verdict for the world: whether it shall be lifted up to Heaven or discarded to Hell. But his Father never discloses his verdict to his mortal Son. In fact, his Father ceases speaking to Him altogether. Adding to Christ’s horror, He learns that Lucifer is also on the “World of Man” in mortal form.

Lucifer has an army of demons at his disposal; Christ is cut off from his kingdom of angels. As president, Lucifer commands an entire military; forsaken by his Father and his Apostles murdered, Christ is alone. Yet even without his Father’s guidance, Christ knows what He must do: He must somehow stop Lucifer before the Devil can carry out his nightmare designs throughout all of Creation.

“Good ultimately triumphs over evil,” Downey says. “However, as reflected in life, much ambiguity lies between the two, and I wanted to demonstrate that in this epic battle between Christ and Lucifer.”

Readers will experience a classic biblical rivalry through a horror story setting from today in Downey’s first novel.

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