Cutting Block Press has released Tattered Souls 2, an anthology of short horror tales, in paperback.

Description: Exploring the fundamentals that make up both the horror and literary genres, Frank J. Hutton delves into the very core of humanity and fear. Within these eight disturbing tales, we explore what makes the human soul tick, and what makes that part of us digress. Tattered Souls 2 will move you to new places…some that will offer a fine trickle of hope, others, not so much.


  • Yellow Called and Mom Was There – Tim W. Burke
  • Mademoiselle Guignol – Stephanie Shaw
  • The First Stroke – Elias Siqueiros
  • Becka – Kathleen Dale
  • pied-à-terre – Melanie Fogel
  • Misery of Me – Anne Michaud
  • The Arch: Conjecture of Cities – Forrest Aguirre
  • I Was a Teenage Zombie Apocalypse – Steve Ruthenbeck

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