Dark Continents Publishing has announced the release of their new ebook line titled Tales of Darkness and Dismay. This highly anticipated collection of novellas and short story compilations by twelve up-and-coming authors is available for immediate download via Amazon.

And the line-up is:

Blood and Fire, a paranormal/vampire thriller by Carrie Clevenger and Nerine Dorman. Bassist and all-round slacker Xan Marcelles spends his nights at a remote tavern in Pinecliffe, Colorado. But there’s something else, he’s also a vampire, and although he reckons he has a handle on this secret, he’s not prepared for the day when people he thinks are the FBI drug him and haul him away. Ashton Kennedy isn’t human anymore and, as a member of a race of beings known simply as Inkarna, exists through the aeons by stealing bodies. The two unlikely allies are thrown together in a house of mysteries, and have to battle overwhelming odds against an implacable enemy. This novella gives readers a taste of what to expect from Nerine’s novel Inkarna, due out from Dark Continents in the first half of 2012.

A Gentle Hell, a collection of achingly surreal supernatural stories by Autumn Christian. A Gentle Hell is comprised of four dark speculative stories of quiet tension and uncomfortable nostalgia, written for deformed children and girls that dream of demons.

Through a Forest Dark, a gathering of short stories inspired by the layers of hell from within Dante’s Inferno by Dean M. Drinkel. Dean is also the editor of Dark Continent’s recent horror anthology Phobophobia.

Beatrice Beecham’s Houseful of Horrors, a young adult favorite; this is the third book in the Beatrice Beecham series by Dave Jeffery. Dark Continents recently launched his short story collection Campfire Chillers at British Fantasy Con in Brighton. His zombie novel Necropolis Rising is another must-read.

Along the Splintered Path, a collection of disturbing stories that explore the dark side of life in the remote countryside by A.J. Brown. The Woodshed: A young man wrestles with the ghost of his past, an abusive father and a mentally unstable brother. As a last resort, he returns home to confront the evil he left behind. What he finds just may be the end of him. Round These Bones: After a failed attempt at saving his marriage, James is forced to find shelter from the coming snowstorm. He comes upon a small man-made hut in the middle of the woods. Inside, he finds not only shelter, but something else… Plus Phillip’s Story, Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation, Oh My!, and others.

Critique, a true horror novella detailing the downfall of a food critic star as he is driven mad by an appetite he can no longer control, written by Daniel I. Russell. Look out for Dan’s novel The Collector out in early 2012.

April Fool and Other Antipodean Horror Stories – What is the definition of antipodean, you ask? Any two places or regions that are on diametrically opposite sides of the earth – the perfect definition to match the two seasoned horror authors of Tracie McBride (from Australia) and John Irvine (from New Zealand). If this collection whets your appetite for Southern Hemisphere horror, then you will also be interested in Tracie’s collection Ghosts Can Bleed and John’s Blood Curry.

Slander Hall,” an elegant sci fi/horror novella inspired by the Jonestown suicides by Australian author Matthew Tait. Fifteen years ago the affluent gated-community of Slander Hall was the setting of the largest mass suicide in U.S history, dozens of men and women committing the ultimate sacrifice and embracing the covenant of their leader to shed their bodies for a life in outer space. Now a modern ghost town, it boasts only the decaying and derelict phantoms of a withered populace. Cedar Jarrell, sole survivor of the holocaust that claimed so many, returns to the dark heart of Slander Hall on a final pilgrimage where not all who take the journey will survive…

The Drunk and the Dead, a collection of stories that takes an affectionate and humorous yet still frightening look at some our most beloved monsters, by Andy Taylor.

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