It’s that time again. The Summer Scares Book Review Project is up and running. Originally proposed by Dylan at Monster Librarian (he’s the one who keeps it going), the book review project teams up a handful of horror related web sites all offering a variety of horror book reviews for readers to enjoy for free.

This time out, our very own Sheila M. Merritt reviews The Prodigy by Noel Hynd. Rolf Geiger is a rock star among classical musicians: young, handsome, gifted and possessed by genius and in love with a beautiful woman. But when Isador Rabinowitz, the greatest concert pianist of the 20th Century passes away, his ghost lingers long enough to threaten everything Rolf has ever loved or ever wanted to be.

Below the review, you’ll find links to other reviews provided by other horror web sites. All for your reading enjoyment.

Here’s where to get started: The Prodigy

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