Brandon Stumpf has confronted horrific murderers in his films D.I.D. (2008) and Beg (2010). He assumes the role of a character associated with horrible murders for a series of books in kindle format.

Stumpf is the cover model for Lawson, the creation of author Jon Merz. The actor describes him as “tough,” “jaded,” and a “living vampire” rather than one of supernatural origins. This vampire has roamed the earth for over 140 years.

According to Stumpf the vampires in Jon Merz novels are not “sparkly.” Titles in the Lawson Vampire series include: The Destructor, The Invoker, The Fixer, The Syndicate, The Courier and The Price of a Good Drink.

Stumpf is a martial artist and professional model.

One of his modeling assignments was portraying Spider-Man for Marvel Entertainment.

In response to a question on Dread Central about his thoughts on horror films, Stumpf says, “Horror films are a tough genre these days. Wit, subtlety, and satire have given way to gore and excess, sacrificing plot. I enjoy the old horror films which didn’t have huge budgets but still managed to terrify the audience.”

Catch the interview in its entirety here: Brandon Stumpf

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