Trafford Publishing has released Spun Sugar and Bootblack by Christoph James in paperback and on the Kindle.

Description: Life for Tamlyn Macleary, his family and his neighbors was quite simple. Their quiet town of Dunradin, Scotland lay just north of the border of Scotland and England. Life has remained much the same there for hundreds of years. The railway’s skirting of the town has all but guaranteed that time will leave the quant hamlet untouched by the nineteenth century’s dawning industrial age. That is, until the return of a prodigal son.

When Tamlyn’s long lost uncle suddenly returns, the small town is cast into a tempest darker than any could have imagined. Fearghal has returned to Dunradin to deliver a dire warning. Dark, blood drinking creatures called Teriz, an evil from the deepest bowls of the Earth, have chosen to make sleepy Dunradin their new home. While none of the town’s inhabitants have ever heard of such creatures, they refuse to be displaced and choose to defend their home, to the death if needs be.

Thus begins the adventure of Spun Sugar and Bootblack. This thriller is set in 1864, at the dawn of the Victorian era. It pits black creatures of pure evil against the tenacious and resilient people of the Scottish Lowlands.

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