is the Exclusive site to order and purchase a new, unique and fine Collectible case for your First Trade Edition of Night Shift. Glenn Chadbourne, is producing hand signed and Lettered, full-color art pieces to be carefully affixed to the inside lid of each custom, hand-made Dolso wooden tray case, designed to hold the US Trade 1st edition of Stephen King’s Night Shift. Glenn Chadbourne has created 26 “Lettered” art pieces for this series. Each art piece will be based upon a story from the Night Shift collection.

Each unique case, made of fine streaked maple, will bear the engraved original cover art, a Lettered piece from Glenn Chadbourne and feature a felt bed, ribbon pull and magnetic clasp.

Dick Olson’s (DOLSO) finely crafted Wooden Slip and Tray Cases are revered and treasured by Collectors. Here is your chance to own a unique, hand crafted collectible item, with original art by a renowned artist to hold your precious First edition, Night Shift.

After the 26 lettered Editions are gone; absolutely no more will be produced or sold.

At the time of this writing, they still had these left:

  • U-Y Lettered series of drawings will be of “Quitters, Inc.”
  • Letter Z-Reserved for The Haven Foundation Fundraiser

Check it out: Night Shift

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