Brrapp Publishing has published Tim R. Lang’s novel, Souled, on the Kindle for only $2.99.

Description: Jennar was a wreck. He hated living with his father, the idealistic, corrupt politician, but if he moved back in with his mother, he would have to get a job and get on with his life. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a politician. He had other plans. He would rather be a sports orthopedist. A doctor to famous atheletes. He figured there was a better future in that sort of career.

His father had dragged him to Washington D.C. to listen to his very important speech regarding the latest in terrorist fads, the M.L.O. General Damius and his second in command, Lieutenant Luchsten were hell bent on destroying the world order, and re-creating it in their image. They hated American Imperialism and were willing to use whatever tactics were necessary to make that change.

His father’s speech was designed to rally Congress into changing America’s behavior to discourage people like General Damius from coming into being in the first place. His father believed that America should stop playing peacemaker to the world’s problems and try to negotiate with Damius and stop his path of aggression.

But in the middle of his father’s speech, Lieutenant Luchsten came on and changed all that. He changed everything. In the midst of an important Senator from California’s speech, Luchsten detonated a nuke.

Right over Jennar’s home. Los Angeles, California.

In his return, Jennar’s life took an unexpected turn when he met a man who claimed to have sold his soul to Satan. Now Jennar’s path is set directly on a crash course with Hell and a confrontation with Satan himself!

You can pick up a copy from here: Souled

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