Damnation Books has released Snakes by Travis Heermann as an ebook.

Description: The easiest path usually leads straight into a minefield. Eddie, a young, pretty single mom, is trying to do the right thing by her three-year-old daughter. She really is. With no education, no job, and a string of loser boyfriends behind her, she faces hard decisions every day. Gas for the car, or food for Joy? She’s already been forced to move back into her mother’s decrepit old trailer in Shady Acres Trailer Court in rural Arkansas. Should she get a normal job working long hours for minimum wage, or should she put on her stiletto heels, bikini bra and micro-skirt and go back to exotic dancing so she can bring home fistfuls of cash for a few hours’ work? When she catches her daughter playing with handfuls of baby copperhead snakes behind the trailer, the choice gets a lot easier: get out of there by the quickest means possible. But at what cost? And is that strange man the devil or her knight in shining armor?

Excerpt: “Joy! Where are you?” She circled the trailer, scanning the waist-high forest of weeds and bushes. “Joy!” She pushed through the weeds, ignoring the leaves and pollen and bugs brushing her naked legs.

A hummingbird hovered near a trumpet vine’s orange flowers, distracting her for a moment, a supremely delicate creature with tiny blurred wings, like a floating dab of rainbow.

“Look, Mommy! Worms!”

Eddie gasped and jumped and spun all at once.

Joy held up two chubby fistfuls of writhing, squirming creatures, pale on one side, coppery brown and striped on the other. Their little wedge-shaped heads were twisting and striking at her fingers and knuckles, but their mouths were too small to bring their tiny fangs to bear.

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