ChiZine Publications is gearing up for the March 2012 release of John Mantooth’s Shoebox Train Wreck in a 150 copy hardcover edition. Readers can pre-order the book through Cemetery Dance Publications here: Shoebox Train Wreck

Description: “The living haunt the dead…”

These fifteen genre-bending stories are set against a backdrop of sudden violence and profound regret, populated by characters whose circumstances and longings drive them to the point of no return . . . and sometimes even further. A young girl takes a journey to see what is really hidden within the belly of an ancient water tower. A high school senior learns about defiance on a school bus and witnesses a tragedy that he won’t soon forget. Six survivors in an underground bunker discuss the possibility of Armageddon being an elaborate hoax. A man stumbles from bed to drive a bus down lonely roads, collecting passengers who’ve lost their way in the night-shrouded heartland of America. And in the title story, a former train conductor must confront the ghosts of his past while learning that it’s not the dead who haunt the living, but the other way around.

Traversing the back roads of the south and beyond, these stories probe the boundaries of imagination, taking the reader to the fringes of a society where the world looks different, and once you visit, you won’t ever be the same.

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