I, Vampire by indie darling writer Joshua Fialkov and artist Andrea Sorrentino, takes the concept of vampirism and puts it squarely into the middle of the DCU, where the strength and supernatural abilities of vampires take on a whole different context. Read this interview with Fialkov on Newsarama.

Serializing Aaron Ross Powell’s first novel, The Hole, was so successful, he couldn’t pass up doing it again. So welcome to his new serial horror novel, Karaoke Quintessence. This is the first part of many, with new segments released as he writes them (he’s currently on part 8).

Creature is a title that takes the entire genre down with it. While it’s not the worst film of the year, far from it, it’s going to be on the outskirts looking in. If anything it has at least shown that you can make a horror monster that takes all the bad characteristics of every one-note monster to grace the silver sceen. Read the full review: Creature

2K Games has released a new video for The Darkness II, the sequel to The Darkness in the works at Digital Extremes and based on the supernatural horror comic book series created by Top Cow Productions.

The Scream Awards aims to celebrate the “sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic book genres and the actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped the industry over the past year.” Catch this year’s nominees…

Gretchen McNeil will be coming to the Belmont Library on Tuesday, Sept. 13 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to discuss her debut young adult horror/paranormal book, Possess.

Whitley Strieber was a successful horror novelist in the ’70s and ’80s before publishing Communion: A True Story in 1987. The wildly popular book detailed nocturnal disturbances Strieber experienced that were eventually attributed to alien abductions. Now Stieber is back with a new encounter…

In Those Across the River, Christopher Buehlman gives readers a straight-up horror novel. This reviewer will be the first to admit that he don’t read much horror; usually it is too grisly for his taste. The descriptions of this novel intrigued hime for some reason, so he took the chance.

Jeff Lemire has received a lot of attention over the past year with his Vertigo ongoing series, Sweet Tooth, and his collected edition of Essex County, nominated for Best Canadian Read. Now, Lemire ventures off into a darker, yet oddly vibrant world to bring back one of the most notorious characters in the DCU … Animal Man.

It’s a question of endings, you see? The issue raised in the post by Speculative Scotsman’s Niall Alexander, in reply to Nathaniel Katz’s recent review of The Ritual was effectively one of potential dissatisfaction with the endings of certain horror novels, and raised a question of options used in the culminations of various dread fiction.

Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s Cabinet of Curiosities is a menagerie of fables, horror tales, hoaxes, art installations, drawings of strange mechanisms, fake sermons, forbidden catalog entries and fabulous architecture all swaddled in a meta-fiction.

In his new book, Monsters in the Movies, John Landis traces a century of big-screen bumps in the night.

The horror zombie film, starring Brad Pitt has just gotten more interesting thanks to this awesome set video featuring zombies on the attack! World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a 2006 post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks.

Stephen King says that every writer goes through a moment when he reads a book and thinks, “I can do this!” Something similar happened to author Rohit Gore a few years back when he started getting up early to write. And he confesses that reading has definitely inspired him to write.

Detroit Macabre treats readers to 13 short horror stories set in and around Detroit. Joseph Williams breaks from modern horror and takes the reader back to classic or gothic horror. No modern vampires in this book, instead plots consist of themes suitable… Read the full review on Blogcritics.

20th Century Fox recently announced that its film adaptation of the classic horror novel Frankenstein is moving forward to the pre-production phase, and will be fast-tracked for production with the newly brought on director Shawn Levy (who just finished up directing Real Steel). What else does Hollywood have planned? Find out in There are too many Frankensteins in Hollywood.

American horror author Nic Brown needed the perfect setting for his new novel about werewolves, witches and sea monsters – and in Thanet he found it.

Christina Barber, ghost hunter and author of Spirits of Georgia’s Southern Crescent, and her daughter Gillian, 12, say it’s not an exact science, but there’s a certain way a person should talk to a ghost.

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