Seize The Night

Seize The Night
Dean Koontz
Cemetery Dance Publications
Deluxe Hardcover, Traycased, RR
Signed by Dean Koontz and illustrator Phil Parks
Out of Print
$325, Plus $10 Shipping

This exclusive Cemetery Dance limited edition is bound in full-leather, with a satin ribbon page marker, and features full-color dust jacket artwork from Phil Parks, as well as five full-color interior paintings from Parks, plus an illustrated autograph page! Protected inside a handmade cloth slipcase. The Lettered Edition features additional interior artwork, completely unique dust jacket artwork, and additional artwork embossed onto the traycase!

Description: In Moonlight Bay, California, children are disappearing. From their homes. From the streets. The police cannot be trusted to solve the mystery because, in Moonlight Bay, the police are more likely to conceal the crime than catch the perpetrator.

Christopher Snow, whose rare genetic disorder — Xeroderma pigmentosum — leaves him dangerously vulnerable to light, believes the missing children are still alive, and it is up to him to find them. And quickly. He knows the disappearances have something to do with clandestine scientific experiments at the nearby abandoned military base, Fort Wyvern. Helped by his friends, and his exceptional dog, Orson, Chris challenges those who would conceal the most heinous crimes in order to keep the secrets of Fort Wyvern. But Chris’s greatest advantage is that, forced to live a life in the shadows, he knows the night world better than anyone, better even than his adversaries.

A must-read novel that will stay in the reader’s mind long after the book is finished, Seize The Night is both a stand-alone thriller and the sequel to the acclaimed international best-seller, Fear Nothing.

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Seize The Night
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