samhain logoInternational publisher Samhain Publishing®  will be co-sponsoring the 10th annual Indianapolis HorrorHound Weekend, Sept. 11-13th, 2015, at the Marriott Indianapolis East. HorrorHound Weekend, which draws several thousand readers, fans and movie enthusiasts at each event, is celebrating its tenth year in Indianapolis.

“Horror fans are the best fans—and we are thrilled to be showcasing so many outstanding authors at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis,” says Don D’Auria, executive editor of Samhain Horror. “It’s a premiere event that celebrates the true spirit of horror fiction.” All Samhain Horror titles featured at HorrorHound Weekend will be sold at 50% off retail price.

The following authors will be attending HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis. You can meet them at the Samhain Publishing booth on-site at the conference:

Vic Kerry:

Vic Kerry is the author of numerous short stories, the stand-alone novella Decoration Day, and the novels The Children of Lot and Revels Ending.

Brian Pinkerton:

Brian Pinkerton’s novels include Anatomy of Evil, Killer’s Diary, both with Samhain Horror, and Abducted, Vengeance, Bender, Rough Cut and How I Started the Apocalypse.

Matt Manochio:

Matt Manochio is an editor of business-related reports by day and a thriller writer by night. His first novel with Samhain is The Dark Servant.

John Everson:

Bram Stoker Award-winning author John Everson’s Samhain titles include NightWhere, Violet Eyes and The Family Tree.

Keith Ferrario:

Keith Ferrario splits his time between his work as a software engineer and his work as an author. His first novel with Samhain is Monster.

Brian Kirk:

Brian Kirk is a freelance writer by day and author by night. Brian’s debut release is We Are Monsters.

Russell James:

Russell James is the author of Dark Inspiration, Sacrifice, Black Magic, Dark Vengeance, Dream Walker and Blood Red Roses. His newest work is Q Island. 

Glenn Rolfe:

Glenn Rolfe is a singer, songwriter and author, whose Samhain Horror works include Blood and Rain, Boom Town and Abram’s Bridge.

Mick Ridgewell:

Mick Ridgewell is always on the lookout for things that make a reader’s skin crawl. He is the author of The Nightcrawler, Evil Never Dies and Evil Unleashed.

Jonathan Janz:

Jonathan Janz grew up between a dark forest and a graveyard. In a way, that explains everything. His Samhain titles include The Sorrows, House of Skin, The Darkest Lullaby, Savage Species, Dust Devils, Castle of Sorrows, The Nightmare Girl and the upcoming Wolf Land.

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About Samhain Publishing

Samhain Publishing® is an international publisher of ebook and traditional print fiction, whose diverse array of titles include all genres of romance fiction, award-winning horror fiction, and Retro Romance® fiction—a program which enables previously print-only titles to reach a new e-reading audience. An acknowledged expert in digital publishing since its founding in 2005, Samhain is dedicated to ensuring extraordinary stories reach every reader. To learn why at Samhain “It’s all about the story…”, visit Samhain Publishing online at

About HorrorHound

HorrorHound Magazine presents a series of mid-west Horror Conventions in such cities as Cincinnati, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana, allowing fans to meet some of the biggest celebrities in film and television, as well as icons from cinema’s past. Celebrities meet and greet with fans, sign autographs and participate in photo-ops (prices apply in many aspects of these appearances). Along with celebrity signings, fans can shop for the latest, or rarest, horror toys, t-shirts, posters, displays, VHS/DVD/Blu-rays, masks and other assorted goodies from our more-than-100 amazing vendors – many times including actual film studios, filmmakers, toy companies and DVD distributors. Movie premieres and screenings are included with every show via the HorrorHound Film Festival, as well as special celebrity Q&A panels, and so much more.

HorrorHound Weekend is hosted by the Marriott Indianapolis East, 2702 East 21st Street Indianapolis, IN 46219.

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