PS Publiishing has made Rio Youers its newest Author Focus.

Rio Youers has drawn praise from some of the most noteworthy names in the speculative fiction genre. He is the author of two novellas, Mama Fish (Shroud Publishing) and Old Man Scratch (PS Publishing) — the latter earning him a British Fantasy Award nomination in 2010.

His novelette, This is the Summer of Love, was the title story of PS Publishing’s first new-look Postscripts anthology, a publication in which Rio has appeared three times. His short fiction has also been published by IDW Publishing, Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Shroud Magazine.

Rio’s debut novel, End Times, was rereleased by PS Publishing in the autumn of 2010. His first short story collection, Dark Dreams, Pale Horses, will follow in 2011, with a short novel, Westlake Soul (ChiZine Publications), slated for release in the spring of 2012.

Dark Dreams, Pale Horses is set for release from PS Publishing this month.

Description: Dark Dreams: A plague decimates South America, and an infected survivor is hunted through the shanties of Rio de Janeiro; an asteroid strikes central Australia, triggering waves of unspeakable horror; a pink Cadillac, full of screams, rumbles toward the Promised Land.

Pale Horses: A girl dreams of escaping her black and white life, into a Technicolor world where she is the star; the Shepherd of Souls keeps vigil over a dying child, while civilization clings to faith on the edge of a ruined world; an elderly lady recalls her wondrous childhood, in a present where the walls are too close, and reality uncertain.

In his debut collection, Rio Youers presents six stories — glimpses of worlds, and lives, fraught with pain, love, and hope — where the things we trust are often fractured, and where the darkest places sometimes hold the brightest lights.

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