ProIntro Halloween Volume 2 is a mix of 30 Halloween-inspired titles including 15 horrifying designs as well as 15 spooky-fun titles made for exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Choose from fun-filled cartoon presets to grungy horror-film-themed titles. Easily customize ProIntro presets using sliders, drop-down menus, and intuitive on-screen controls. ProIntro Halloween Volume 2 is self-animating, allowing users to edit while avoiding the true nightmare of keyframes.

With the incorporation of color wheels, sliders, and on-screen controls, Final Cut Pro X users can easily manipulate the style, scale, as well as orientation of ProIntro Halloween Volume 2 presets to their artistic vision. Making minor layout adjustments or changing the color scheme of a preset will generate entirely new designs. Using ProIntro allows users to cut time editing while still achieving stylish and personalized looks.

Each ProIntro preset features unique texture and background controls that add additional customization effects to the introduction. With texture controls, users can add an intense grunge to create a nightmarish scene. Using the background opacity slider, users can lay ProIntro above pictures and images to create an ominous ghostly vibe. In addition, threshold color controls of the background elements are provided to multiple presets. Collectively, these controls create a completely horrifying atmosphere to any background.

The goal of the ProIntro series will be to efficiently generate spectacular introductions to effortlessly integrate into a user’s project. By simply dragging a preset into the timeline above a picture or video file, users can then start crafting their own spectacular effects. Stylizing the scene and changing the text using parameter controls found in the inspector window will add even more customization options. With a few tweaks to the style and feel of the title, watch ProIntro Halloween Volume 2 come to life without having to set a single keyframe.

“By dropping one of the horror-themed presets into my FCPX project I was able to speed up my workflow and get to the true heart of editing my slasher-film!”, says video editor Stephen.

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