Gearing for the release of two new titles, Bad Moon Books is now accepting pre-orders for Return To Darkness and Everything Howls.

Return To Darkness by Michael Laimo is scheduled for a November release in a trade paperback edition.

Description: Picking up right where Deep in the Darkness left off, Dr. Michael Cayle returns from near death to rescue his wife and daughter, who have been taken captive by the Isolates, the aboriginal creatures living in the woods behind his home. Will he find them alive, or dead? Or … worse?

“Dead Souls is creepy, atmospheric, and explosive – keep a light on and a gun loaded when you crack this baby. Another outstanding thriller from Michael Laimo.” Douglas Preston, author of The Monster of Florence.

“Michael Laimo can stand proud next to Clive Barker and Stephen King” The Horror Review

“One of the best and most refreshing horror novels you’re likely to read…” Gary Braunbeck, on Deep in the Darkness

You can pre-order directly from Bad Moon Books here: Return To Darkness

The second new title is Everything Howls by Christopher Lopez. This one is scheduled for a December release, also in a trade paperback edition.

Description: As an early winter whiteout blankets the small town of Keme, a series of grisly murders paints the fresh snowfall in ominous tones. There’s a savage killer on the loose, but is it man or beast? With every new clue Sheriff Aaron Bishop uncovers, another reasonable explanation goes out the window, and with each new body discovered another suspect is eliminated. An old Algonquin Indian claims to know the truth and how to end the bloodshed. But his truth is the stuff of legend and his answer too barbarous for Aaron to even consider.

You can pre-order directly from Bad Moon Books here: Everything Howls

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