Bram Stoker’s private journal sat unnoticed on his great-grandson’s bookshelf in England for at least a year. “When I saw it, I was amazed,” Dacre Stoker said. “I thought, The Holy Grail! We’ve found it! There is so little written by Bram about Bram. Family, scholars and hard-core fans – so many people have wanted to know what made the man who wrote Dracula tick. And here we had a major set of clues.”

The new comic book series from veteran horror director John Carpenter will make its debut this weekend at Long Beach Comic Con. Announced earlier this year, Asylum will be scripted by veteran comics writer Bruce Jones, with interior art by Jason Craig. Carpenter was in attendance at Long Beach Comic and Horror Con yesterday to sign a special preview issue of the book alongside King and Griffith. Read what Carpenter has to say about the project…

In his book, Through a Screen Darkly: Looking Closer at Beauty, Truth and Evil in the Movies, film critic Jeffrey Overstreet writes that horror movies often reflect our unspoken fears.

Evil Dead II is to The Evil Dead what The Bride of Frankenstein is to Frankenstein – a comedy-horror sequel that simply wants to show the audience a really good time. A Brief History Of Horror – Evil Dead II And The 1980s

Iris Johansen’s The Killing Game has just the right balance for Halloween night on Lifetime. It s not a spatterfest like so many recent horror movies. There’s hardly any blood at all. But it creates engaging psychological horror, with a demented killer taunting a woman whose daughter was murdered.

The 22nd San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy Film Festival will take place between October 29th and November 4th. As always, it will present a selection of the most important titles of the year, feature and short films, and some other activities. This competition brings together the best short films and feature films of the year in this genre, in the official sections of the festival.

He was at least arguably the most powerful American writer of horror fiction between Poe and Lovecraft. In his career Bierce wrote more than 40 spooky stories, most of them about ghosts, along with a fair number of short narratives — some true, some fanciful — about the horrors of war. Ambrose Bierce: The Man and His Demons

Just because Neil Gaiman loves Halloween doesn’t mean he loves horror — he’ll write horror, he says, but only in moderation. Kids’ Book Club: A ‘Graveyard’ Tour With Neil Gaiman

Neal Bell, a Duke professor of theater studies, says the best horror movies are thought-provoking and suspenseful. This Halloween, some of the library’s eeriest archival holdings will be made public in the Rare Book Room of Perkins Library. So, what makes a good horror movie?

With a few notable exceptions such as Insidious and Paranormal Activity 3, it’s been a dismal year at the multiplex for horror. So what are fans supposed to do, especially on this holiest of all holiday weekends, Halloween? First Impressions: NBC’s Grimm – The Pilot

With Halloween just around the corner, publishers have released new or updated editions of some horror and Halloween-themed comics. Each of these would make fine reading with a flashlight once the sun goes down on All Hollow’s Eve.

With nearly 60 film and television adaptations of his books and half a dozen new ones in the works, Stephen King has a high Hollywood hit rate. That’s partly because he learned to tell stories by watching horror movies: Mr. King says he picked up “certain tricks and tropes from the movies, like keeping the monster off stage for as long as possible.” Catch a look at some of King’s movies, including some upcoming films.

Horror fans looking for a Halloween graphic novel with real bite should chase down Flesh and Blood: Book One, a grim and savvy reimagination of the sexy and sumptuous vampire tales found in the Hammer films of the 1960s and 1970s.

Audiences and the industry that targets them said movies and haunted houses are trending toward mental thrills, realism and suspense to scare the bejeezus out of a society not necessarily frightened anymore by Frankenstein or a bowl of peeled grapes. Halloween horror trend: less gore is more.

The American version of Halloween, complete with carved pumpkins and plastic skeletons, might be a relatively new addition to Australian culture, but Australia has its own culture of spooks and scares. Henry Lawson turned his pen to ghost stories, and since then Aussie authors and filmmakers have followed in those echoing footsteps.

Horror fans will be sure to flock to “Vincentennial: A Halloween Tribute to Vincent Price’s 100th Birthday,” today at the Genesee Theater in Joliet and at the Portage Theater in Chicago. The fright fest features screenings of classic Price movies such as House on Haunted Hill (1959) and The Last Man on Earth (1964). Special guest for the events will be Price’s daughter, Victoria, author of the critically acclaimed Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography (1999, St. Martins’ Press), who’ll be on hand for Q&A sessions and fan meet-and-greets.

A great score can make or break a horror film. With this in mind, here are some favorite horror movie scores, as well as some suggestions from some well-informed writers. Music in the movies: the finest horror scores.

Film buffs and horror fans have a new book to scream about. New independent publishing imprint Stinger Books announced Scream Deconstructed: An Unauthorized Analysis is set for an October 25, 2011 online release through Amazon. Scream Deconstructed is the first book about all four Scream films.

After he was given a horror book written in the style of a kid’s fairy tale, Timothy Haskell had the idea to create a haunted house that had the feel of a children’s book. “I’m a big Grimm’s fan as it is and I knew the original stories are actually much, much darker than most people realize,” said creator and co-Director of Nightmare: Fairy Tales, a downtown Halloween attraction which would scare the pants off most adults.

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