The Hudson Horror Show is quickly turning into a must-see festival for genre fans. The biannual event is held at Silver Cinemas in Poughkeepsie, NY, and this December’s marathon promises to be gut-wrenchingly enjoyable (literally). Hudson Horror Show gets ready for ‘December to Dismember’ event

After a nomination for a National Book Award in 1973, Brock Brower’s angry, articulate, and downright clever novel receded into the underworld of forgotten paperbacks with dated covers. Now, after years of being out of print, The Late Great Creature has been reissued and Brower’s hardboiled, horror-themed wit might finally find a new audience.

“Quite honestly the biggest change in teen horror is there wasn’t any. The biggest change in teen lit is that it exists,” Neil Gaiman said, speaking with Spinoff Online and other members of the press about his role in tonight’s The Simpsons. “If you go back even 15 years there was definitely a tendency at that point to go from kids’ books to adult books. The idea that people would be writing books aimed primarily at a teen audience is really cool and really new, and the idea of YA books being genre books is, again, cool and new.”

Jeri Smith-Ready has made his novel, Shift: A Horror Novel, available as a free digital download.

FX was so excited about American Horror Story, it put it on the air before it was ready to be complete. And now, there just isn’t enough time to complete a two-hour season finale.

On Thursday, Dave Moody will be releasing the final part in his Hater trilogy – Them Or Us – at a special event in Lowestoft.

Pedro Almodóvar’s 19th feature film, The Skin I Live In, reunites the director with Antonio Banderas and with the horror genre. It’s not what most people would consider a horror film per se, but it draws from a long tradition of movies in which mad skin-graft or transplant surgeons try to restore or recreate the beauty of a horribly injured wife or daughter.

Beyond the senses, creativity for blind director Joseph Monks is rooted in the mind. The scenes in his movies are the pictures in his head, imagined and then portrayed in the real world through his comic books and scripts. Horror is the four-year Cape Coral resident’s genre of choice, and his new film, The Bunker, is a psychological thriller.

Horror writer Patrick Senécal, considered Quebec’s answer to Stephen King, is one of the province’s most popular and prolific contemporary authors. All told, the Montreal author has published 12 titles, sold about half-a-million books in Quebec, and adapted his work for three feature-length films, a television special, and a Web series.

Brand Seifert and Lukas Ketner’s Witch Doctor miniseries was one of the best-received original miniseries of 2011 – but they’re not stopping there! In fact, in addition to the upcoming Witch Doctor: The Resuscitation one-shot, the exploits of Seifert and Kettner’s Dr. Vincent Morrow is getting the trade paperback treatment courtesy of Image Comics and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint.

Africa is the cradle of civilization and in Tananarive Due’s African Immortals (or Living Blood) series, Ethiopia serves as the creation ground for the Life Brothers, a race of immortals. While complex, Due has a knack for storytelling that invites, not alienates. inReads had a chance to catch up with her about her series, her upbringing, and turning her books into movies.

Readers now have less than a month to vote on the direction the exciting new novel from Abaddon – Time’s Arrow. In a unique experiment, readers themselves will get to decide on the fate of the hero Ulysses and where the Time’s Arrow story will take them. Time’s Arrow is the latest book from the world’s longest continuously running Steampunk novel series, Pax Britannia. Set in a world where the Victorian age never ended, Pax Britannia is an insane world of high technology and rip-roaring adventure.

“The market for books has moved from offline to online, and now the reader can forge long lasting and productive relationships with their favorite authors in a way that was previously impossible,” former Guardian journalist William Knight told to a packed Saturday night audience at the Wellington Skyline event centre for the launch of his latest novel.

ME Patterson grew up in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains and attended Virginia Tech, where he studied under acclaimed writers and poets, eventually obtaining a degree in English. He writes everything from horror to sci-fi/fantasy to speculative fiction. His first book, Devil’s Hand, is on the shelves now, with two sequels and an unrelated new series on the way. He lives in Texas with his wife and a dog. Catch this interview with Patterson on Seattle PI

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