Gauntlet Press is offering copies of the original screenplay for Night of the Living Dead © 1967 by Jack Russo, the pen name of John A. Russo at that time, under the title The Anubis. This is the screenplay from which was made the classic horror movie released under the final title, Night of the Living Dead.

Russo’s original script, which he used during the making of the movie, auctioned for $5,000.00. He has made 1,000 copies of that script, with his handwritten notes intact. The front cover is made from a painting of John Russo as the Tire-Iron Zombie who gets stabbed in the head by the hero, Ben, in NOLD. The back cover is a copy of a painting George Romero painted in 1969 to advertise the NOLD production company, The Latent Image, Inc.

All copies of this original screenplay available only through Gauntlet Press are signed and numbered by John Russo and George Romero. The signed numbered edition of Night of the Living Dead is selling for $125. Gauntlet copies are the only ones signed by both John Russo and George Romero.

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