Shanon Sinn has released his novel Way of the Wraith, through iUniverse.

Description: Death comes at the end of every road, he had always said, and now it came for him.

In a land devoid of memory, one man wakes from death only to discover that it’s nothing he could have ever imagined.

Within a realm of fear and suffering, demons and angry spirits feed off of the recently deceased. Pain and attachment to the material world torture those that do not understand why they remain earthbound, or why some of them seem to be lucid at all.

Stalked by reapers, hated by the living, and betrayed by those he once loved, one man races against time to discover why he remains upon the earth and what it is that he is supposed to accomplish.

The end approaches. Not just for him, but for everyone.

Shanon Sinn is a veteran of Afghanistan where he served in the Canadian Forces battle group in the province of Kandahar. He has published various articles and has just released his first novel, Way of the Wraith. Shanon currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He can be found at

Way of the Wraith is available for purchase online from the publisher,, and other online retailers.

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