Bad Moon Books debuted two new books at the World Horror Convention in Austin last weekend. Here’s a quick look at them:

Not Fade Away by Gene O’Neill – Take the sad, nearly hopeless life of an average joe named Nathan McKee and give him an incredible gift — the ability to render himself invisible — and the free will to decide what to do with it.

“Readers of Not Fade Away will devour O’Neill’s unique spin on the Invisible Man theme, but unlike H.G. Wells’ classic tale of a well educated scientist whose experiments on himself have gone horribly wrong, O’Neill gives us a vastly more complex struggle of a poor man down on his luck who only discovers his ability to become invisible after a severe beating at the hands of some ruthless street thugs. McKee will have some tough choices to make; whether to use his remarkable ability for personal profit, for revenge, or for the betterment of his fellow man and the decisions he makes will either set him on the path toward redemption or the road to ruin. McKee reflects what is best and worst in all of us and Not Fade Away is a powerful novel that will make readers stop and examine how we not only view the people around us, but more importantly how we view ourselves.” – Gord Rollo, author of Valley Of The Scarecrow

Red Empire by Joe McKinney – The Red Empire is the U.S. Army’s secret weapon against insurgents the world over. A gigantic colony of inch long, super-intelligent fire ants, The Red Empire is capable of fighting any enemy, no matter where they’re hiding. But when the military transport tasked with delivering this weapon washes out in a flash flood along the Texas-Mexico border, and the ants are loosed upon the countryside, no one is safe. The Innocents

Amy Bloom and her daughter are returning home during the worst of the storm. They come home to a darkened ranch. But they aren’t alone. An escaped federal prisoner named Ricky Fallon has taken shelter from the storm in their home, and he’s looking for some hostages to provide a little insurance against his recapture.

Hanging by a Thread

Now the two women are caught between a desperate psychopath and an advancing army of killer ants. With their backs against the wall, their only hope for survival is their own resourcefulness, and the determination of an amateur scientist named Preston Baum.

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