Chômu Press is gearing up to release Nemonymous Night by D.F. Lewis this June.

Description: The strands of a life’s work come together in Nemonymous Night, weaving a magic carpet whose bewildering pattern extends in all directions. Mike, the hawler, citizen of Man City, a zone afflicted with dream sickness, is compelled to explore regions of the nemonymous and find the true face buried at the centre of the Earth – a face as much that of the reader as it is that of the story’s characters – perhaps even more so. Nemonymous Night is a guided tour through a sinister fantasia of the everyday and the extraordinary that will haunt the reader like their most tenacious dreams and lead them to the centre of their own unimaginable reality.

D.F. Lewis, winner of the Karl Edward Wagner Award and editor of the innovative series of anthology journals, Nemonymous, here synthesizes his life’s vision of “a unified morality among the Synchronised Shards of Random Truth & Fiction” in a work that confirms his place among the great eccentrics of English letters.

Readers can learn more here: Nemonymous Night

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