Pill Hill Press has announced the official scheduled release for Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1,written by Monstermatt Patterson, illustrated by Kyle Kaczmarczyk, with an introduction by Joe Moe and an afterword by Pat Tantalo, for their non-fiction imprint, WestNeb Books.

The book is a self described collection of over 400 bad jokes, rancid rhymes, putrid puns, and sophomoric song parodies, with illustrations, focused on horror films, monsters, sci-fi, superheroes, and some popculture for good measure.

Monstermatt has written over one thousand bad monster jokes, and this first volume gives you a sizeable introduction to the humor that resides within. The marriage of the jokes to Kyle Kaczmarczyk’s insightful illustrations are what has fans waiting for more!

What can readers expect?

Bad jokes like:

Does the 666 on Damien Thorne’s scalp, mean he’s the Devil?
No, it’s his “Credit Score!”

Why was The Wolfman mad at his H.M.O.?
They wouldn’t pay for his “flea dip!”

Where does H.P.Lovecraft like to shop?
Bed, Bath & “From Beyond!”

What coffee drink does The Phantom of the Opera like?
La lalalalalala,latte!

Sophomoric song parody lyrics like:

  • My Zombie Valentine
  • Intestines
  • Monsters in the Night
  • And many, many more.

The book is apparently acting as an introduction to the horror genre for newcomers, while entertaining those already familiar with it. Jokes and illustrations about Frankenstein and Dracula, to jokes about The Manitou and Basket Case, even The Human Centipede, are turning many a newcomer into a horror buff. The duo has heard feedback from readers that watched Dead Snow, and some other notable films, due to the book.

Check it out: Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1

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