David Barnett reviews The Mall by S L Grey on The Independent.

Killer Yacht Party, from Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Entertainment, is one of the latter: a modern-day slasher film that exists because the filmmakers revere the ’80s horror scene. Read the DVD review on Inside Impulse.

Jared Manninen released the horror-themed, self-published Gruesome Tales to Tickle Your Terror Bone, in March after training as a fine artist and a spending a lifetime fascinated with comic books. Now you can read an interview with Manninen on the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

From the dark and eerie world of Sleepy Hollow to the fantastical realm within Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the curiouser and curiouser adventures of Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton has transformed many of our favorite timeless fairytales into the top rated films in contemporary pop culture. Now fans can catch the new Tim Burton Exhibit at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The author of Let The Right One In talks about his latest novel Harbour (out in paperback this week), his career as a comedian, and his love of Clive Barker in this John Ajvide Lindqvist interview on SFX.

To celebrate the fact legendary author Edgar Allan Poe spent two years of his life at an English boarding school in London, the Stoke Newington Literary Festival in conjunction with The Flicker Club, are putting on a rare screening of Roger Corman’s classic The Masque of the Red Death on 4th June.

Scribe Michael Greene has been tasked with bringing Stephen King’s Under The Dome to TV for a mini-series with producer Steven Spielberg overseeing the project.

Cloverfield helmer Matt Reeves is set to direct yet another upcoming supernatural horror project: an adaptation of the Frakenstein origin story, This Dark Endeavor.

Halocline, John G Rees’ second near future novel, has been listed by Independent Publisher as the Silver Award Winner in the 2011 IPPY Awards for Horror.

If you’re into horror comics, and have been searching for a completely self-contained new story to scare your pants off, you’ll want to check out Jimmy Palmiotti’s The Tattered Man. And while you’re at it, check out this interview with Palmiotti on Comic Vine.

Bloody Disgusting is carryign an exclusive interview with Kidwell, Fotos, and Jones, the creators behind the smash hit, four-issue series horror comic ’68.

Here’s an interesting question and answer session with Stephen King about Darkland (“It’s a Gothic thing, so why not make it a Southern Gothic?”) and how the project with John Mellencamp came about.

Written by Brandon Seifert and illustrated by Lukas Ketner, the Image Comics series Witch Doctor melds horror and medicine, putting an M.D. on the case when vampires, werewolves and other groovy ghoulies start presenting a problem to normal folks.

Dark Moon Books is now open to new submissions. They are accepting flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels. They will also be accepting graphic novels of any length and are particularly interested in well-written and well-drawn black and white graphic horror tales.

The Christian horror movie, Lucifer’s Unholy Desire, written, directed and produced by North Strabane’s Cody Knotts—a newspaper publisher and two-time state House candidate—finished filming and is looking for festival nods.

Serial killer novel, Red April by Santiago Roncagliolo, which uses murder story to dramatise impact of Shining Path in Peru, wins Independent foreign fiction prize.

In his low-budget, gore-lite horror-suspense thriller The Collapsed, Toronto filmmaker Justin McConnell focuses on the journey of one family after some never-fully-explained force (depicted as a kind of evil wind) has infected and obliterated most of the population.

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