Geek Tyrant is running an interview with horror author Jason Hughes. His current novel is Without Notice: The Final Evictions of Graywall Monument, but he also works on screenplays, is into special FX, and he owns his own t-shirt company. Plus Hughes has written a sequel to the movie Christine. Catch it all on Geek Tyrant.

Here’s the cover by Paul Mudie for the Black Book of Horror. You can get a print of it for around $22.

Dark Regions has released an advance book trailer for Multiplex Fandango by Weston Ochse.

Seattle PI is carrying a book review of Dragon’s Ark by Thomas Burchfield. Dragon’s Ark is a supernatural-horror that takes place in our modern times as the ageless King of all Vampires rages to secure the future of his mountain kingdom. Catch the review here: Dragon’s Ark

The first issue of Image Comics’ grisly new zombie comic, ’68, has impressed ravenous horror fans so much that the first printing sold out at the distribution level right as copies were hitting the shelves. Learn more on Comic Book Resources

Anderson’s Bookshop in Downers Grove presents an upcoming special program at the Tivoli Theatre with New York Times bestselling author, Charlaine Harris, on Thursday evening, May 5 at 7:00 p.m. Harris is perhaps best known for her Sookie Stackhouse novels, which inspired HBO’s popular True Blood series. Find out more here: Charlaine Harris

With the May 10th release of Shriek Show’s 2-disk DVD of Slime City Massacre just around the corner, author and filmmaker Greg Lamberson reports on a slew of upcoming SCM events, including screenings in Buffalo and New York City, and cast signings at Forbidden Planet and Dark Delicacies. Find out all the latest on Horror Year Book

Anna Starobinets, doe-eyed and diminutive, has emerged as Russia’s “Queen of Horror,” though her literary prowess has also elevated her to the elite category of “intellectual fantasy.” Have you read her collection, An Awkward Age? In Russia, she has been compared to Stephen King and even Kafka. Learn more: The Russian Queen of Horror

Utpost is the debut novel from author Adam Baker and though I do classify it in the ‘zombie genre,’ Baker takes a rather interesting approach.” Read the entire book review of Utpost on Anything Horror.

Haven’t read The Woods are Dark by Richard Laymon? Like to know more about it? Catch a review of Laymon’s book on Spooky Reads.

When someone hears the name Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, or Pinhead, they should remember the classic horror films of the 1970s and 1980s… And celebrities from these movies will be coming to the Chicago area to attend an event called “Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention.” Find out when and where on The Candor

Do you like to be scared? Are you a fan of movies that are dark, weird, fun and cool? Then the Summercamp Cinema Classic Camp and Horror Film Festival at the Cinema Arts Centre (CAC) may just be the perfect in-town getaway for you. Find out more on the Huntington Patch

With his two novels for teenagers, The Dead and The Dark, terrorising readers with demons, blood and more, it’s hard to imagine a hilarious, fun-loving guy writing them all. Who is the real David Gatward? Find out in this interview on Seattle PI: David Gatward

R.L. Stine’s book It’s the First Day of School … Forever! has been ptioned for the big screen. Find out all the details on The Hollywood Reporter

IDW Publishing has announced that the first issue of their new horror/comedy title, The Pound, is available to digitally download for free. Find out how to get your free download here: SciFi Mafia

Horror fans feeling down about the decidedly romantic turn vampires have taken in pop culture in recent years can take heart — the vamps in director Jim Mickle‘s post-apocalyptic horror thriller Stake Land, which follows an orphaned boy who’s taken under the wing of a grizzled monster hunter, don’t sparkle. Read an interview with Mickle here: Jim Mickle Talks Vampires and Americana

Originally a game designer behind such titles as Realms of Arkania and Das Schwarze Auge, Guido Henkel has turned his attention to writing speculative fiction. Inspired by the gothic horror dime novels he read in his youth, he created the Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter series. Catch an interview here: Jason Dark Author Guido Henkel

Writers Break has an interview with horror novelist Michael Laimo, multi-Bram Stoker finalist and author of six novels and over 100 short stories.

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