Gauntlet Press has just sent a new not-for-sale Richard Matheson chapbook, Reality vs. 2012, to the printer. The chapbook should be available in about six weeks.

As many of Richard Matheson’s fans are well aware, he has an intense interest in the metaphysical. Reality vs. 2012, a non-fiction chapbook, delves into what the future might bring from Matheson’s unique perspective.

Gauntlet is printing just 300 copies of the chapbook. Anyone purchasing an in-stock Richard Matheson hardcover or Other Kingdoms will receive the book at no cost (those who have already pre-ordered Other Kingdoms automatically get the chapbook). This chapbook is a gift from Richard Matheson and Gauntlet Press to say thank you to all of those who have purchased his books from Gauntlet over the past 20 years.

If you order an in-stock Matheson hardcover there is no need to request Reality vs. 2012. If you order a Matheson hardcover prior to when the chapbook arrives Gauntlet will send the chapbook separately (and they’ll foot the postage).

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