Subterranean Press has been fortunate to lock in a double handful of copies of the mammoth Masters of the Weird Tale by Karl Edward Wagner, due soon from Centipede Press. This volume includes all of Karl’s horror fiction, somewhere north of 320,000 words, in an oversize hardcover, housed in a two-tone slipcase.

Masters of the Weird Tale is limited to only 200 numbered copies, signed by a number of contributors. It’s a landmark volume, one to be taken down from the shelf and treasured for years to come. The published price is $295, but Subterranean is able to offer it for $250 plus shipping.

Description: Published by Centipede Press

With over 700 pages, including all of Karl Edward Wagner’s horror fiction, this is one of the best, most impeccably proofed and designed in the Masters of the Weird Tale series. This collection includes “Sticks,” “Where the Summer Ends,” “In the Pines;” in sum, all of the horror fiction.

This collection has a color cover by J.K. Potter and over ten full-page, full-color interior illustrations by Potter as well. The book is edited and introduced by Stephen Jones, has an additional introduction by Peter Straub, a remembrance by David Drake, and a new afterword by Laird Barron. The introductions are profusely illustrated with pictures of Karl in both black & white and color.

The edition is limited to 200 copies for sale. Each numbered copy is signed by Stephen Jones, J.K. Potter, Peter Straub, Laird Barron, and David Drake.

Each book is fully bound in cloth and comes in a handsome two-tone slipcase to match your other volumes in the Masters of the Weird Tale series. The retail on this book is $295 and is on sale for $250. It will be shipping soon.

Limited: 200 numbered copies, in slipcase, signed by various contributors (but not the author)

Table of Contents

  • Foreword: My Friend Karl by Stephen Jones
  • Various Encounters With Karl by Peter Straub
  • The Truth Insofar As I Know It by David Drake
  • Introduction: Unthreatened by the Morning Light by Karl Edward Wagner
  • In the Pines
  • Sticks
  • The Fourth Seal
  • Where the Summer Ends
  • .220 Swift
  • The River of Night’s Dreaming
  • Neither Brute Nor Human
  • Beyond Any Measure
  • Blue Lady, Come Back
  • The Last Wolf
  • More Sinned Against
  • Into Whose Hands
  • Shrapnel
  • Silted In
  • Lost Exits
  • Endless Night
  • An Awareness of Angels
  • But You’ll Never Follow Me
  • Cedar Lane
  • The Kind Men Like
  • The Slug
  • Did They Get You to Trade?
  • Little Lessons in Gardening
  • A Walk on the Wild Side
  • Passages
  • In the Middle of a Snow Dream
  • Gremlin
  • Prince of the Punks
  • The Picture of Jonathan Collins
  • Locked Away
  • I’ve Come to Talk with You Again
  • Final Cut
  • Brushed Away
  • Old Loves
  • At First Just Ghostly
  • Lacunae
  • Plan 10 from Inner Space
  • Sign of the Salamander
  • Afterword: In the Shadows of the Pines by Laird Barron
  • Acknowledgements
  • Credits

You can order directly from Subterranean Press here: Karl Edward Wagner

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