Daniel Williamson has released the first book, The Hero Within, of his series, Magician, Man and Beast.

Description: Charon, avid explorer, treasure seeker and part-time mercenary embarks on a doomed quest, which leads him into uncharted lands. Driven there by an insatiable hunger for glory, he awakens an ancient evil. Charon, who possesses all the requisite flaws, is a living gateway, a portal to the Otherworld, allowing one of the immortal Sage Kings to escape through his empty existence. Through him, a magical fiend is born, a terrible shape-shifter who can shed its skin like an insect each time it claims a host. It is a scavenger of souls, spreading death like a parasite as it lives and feeds on the corpse-rind of the world. The entire world is doomed. All hope is lost – or so it seems …

For in the shadow of death, the seed of a new soul shall fall. And a hero will rise with the power to unlock the secrets of the universe. All illusions will be shattered. The greatest mysteries of the cosmos revealed.

Daniel Williamson lives in Dunedin, New Zealand with his wife, artist Kate Downey. They share a mutual passion for the arts, pets and other natural wonders. He is currently working on the next book in the Magician, Man and Beast trilogy: Psychic Odyssey.

Readers can learn more about the series online here: Magician, Man and Beast

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