Cemetery Dance has been able to secure a very limited number of sets of Maelstrom II: Three New Limited Editions by Brian Keene & John Urbancik from Thunderstorm Books. These three separate signed Limited Edition books will be a “must have” for the Brian Keene collector and they are only available as part of this set, which is due to ship from the publisher around the end of next month.

This set includes:

1. A Conspiracy of One by Brian Keene

Everyone has a darkest hour. For the employees of Big Bill’s Home Electronics, it comes when a crazed gunman barges into their store and opens fire. For Evan Fisher, it manifests as he tries to protect his family in the aftermath of a natural disaster. For Ward and Valerie, it is the imaginary friend who creeps through their daughter’s window at night. For Gina, a woman devoted to her husband, it rises with the dead. For the residents of a small Atlantic coastal town, it arrives from the sea with an amphibian croak. And for a burned-out horror novelist, it is echoed in the whispers of a ghost.

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present Brian Keene’s newest collection, featuring over 80,000 words of short fiction and novellas, including “Halves”, “The House of Ushers”, “Scratch”, “I Sing A New Psalm”, “The Girl on the Glider” and many more, as well as extensive story notes. And in keeping with Maelstrom’s exclusivity promise, this will be the only edition of this book ever printed, thus making it a true collectible.

2. Alone by Brian Keene

When Daniel Miller wakes up one morning, something has gone terribly wrong. The power is out. The phones are dead. The house is silent. The street is shrouded in fog. Both his partner and their adopted daughter are missing. So are their neighbors. And so is everyone else in the world. Daniel Miller is the last person left on Earth.

…or is he?

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present this all-new, original novella of quiet, supernatural horror from Brian Keene.

3. Once Upon a Time in Midnight by John Urbancik

Welcome to Midnight, City of Night. This is the city tucked between two mountains in such a way the sun never shines here. This is the home to men like Mr. Zero and Uncle Knuckles. This is a place where more roads lead in than out. When Thomas Midnight makes a wrong turn and ends up trapped in the City of Night, he’ll do whatever it takes to get out. But the city’s grip around him tightens, and word has already spread that he’s arrived.

Check it out here: Maelstrom

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