Lore magazine began as a small, saddle-stitched digest, cobbled together in a dim basement in Middletown, New Jersey, in 1995.

In its first year of production, LORE won The Deathrealm Award for Best Magazine and The Dragon’s Breath Small Press Award for Best New Magazine.

Some of the works featured in the magazine went on to win The Bram Stoker Award, The Deathrealm Award, The World Fantasy Award, and numerous Honorable Mentions in Datlow & Windling’s Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror.

In this collection, readers will find a selection of the terrifying, thrilling, weird, and wonderful tales for which LORE became known, many of which have never been reprinted, including the Lovecraftian round-robin tale “The Challenge From Below” by Robert M. Price, Peter Cannon, Donald R. Burleson, and Brian MCNaughton.


  • “Chatting With Anubis” by Harlan Ellison
  • “Vision” by Brian McNaughton
  • “The Game of Kings” by Tim Emswiler
  • “The Mandala” by Kendall Evans
  • “The Guide” by Richard Lee Byers
  • “Rat Familiar” by Patricia Russo
  • “Empathy” by Jeffrey Thomas
  • “The Vehicle” by Brian Lumley
  • “Thanks” by Elizabeth Massie
  • “The Galvanic” by James S. Dorr
  • “Sheets” by Donald R. Burleson
  • “Water and the Spirit” by Brian McNaughton
  • “The Unknown Elixir” by Dan Clore
  • “Rile Fouts and Dead Jake Sorrel” by Lawrence Barker
  • “The Challenge From Below” by Robert. M Price, Peter Cannon, Donald R. Burleson, and Brian McNaughton

The collection runs 200 pages, with cover artwork by M. Wayne Miller.

Check it out: Lore Magazine

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