Loaded Barrel Studios, the comic studio that brought you Brielle And The Horror, has announced the release of its first full-length, 120 page, nationally distributed live-action graphic novel Grey. Part Sci-Fi, part Horror, Grey is the story of Bullard Valley, a quiet, little farming community that has been plagued by a series of mysterious disappearances and deaths. Now, it’s up to local Chief of Police, John Mack, to discover the cause of these tragedies. Is the source of their troubles extraterrestrial?

The graphic novel trailer:

If you liked that, check out the 2 minute live-action theatrical trailer for Brielle And The Horror that Loaded Barrel Studios produced to promote the development of the feature film:

Grey is available across the country through Diamond’s PREVIEWS now (item #: SEP111172). And it will be premiering at the New York Comic Con in one week. You can order your copy and find out more about Loaded Barrel Studios, plus check out a preview of Grey and all the Loaded Barrel comics here: Loaded Barrel Studios

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