is hosting its new paperback release, Keepsake, a horror fiction novel written by author, Shannon Novelo.

Description: Jared Chase is a man with a successful career, groomed good-looks, and a conventional suburban home; however, Jared is also a predator that forms an insidious plan to capture a teenage girl and keep her prisoner. Setting his sights on the willful Victoria Dean, he enters her home on a nightly basis, fondling her personal belongings and spying on her as she sleeps. A concerned teacher tries to make sense of prophetic dreams and befriend Victoria, but she is headed for disaster. Meanwhile, Jared’s brother, William searches for answers to their abusive past and confronts their father for the violent murder of their mother. Jared is forced to step in and take matters into his own hands and seek retribution for the brother that tried to protect him so long ago.

Novelo was born and raised in Colorado, but currently enjoys living in the warmer climate of Nevada with her husband and two children. Since she was a child, she has been a fan of horror and suspense novels and cinema, as well as criminal investigation and forensics.

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