From Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan and Halloween H20 to My Soul To Take, The Exorcist Part 2 and more, 411’s Joseph Lee ranks the 10 worst horror movie endings of all-time!

Director James Wan is in talks to direct the low-budget thriller The Conjuring. The pitch was inspired by the supernatural events that happened in the home of the Perron family in Rhode Island.

Alan Robert, best known for being the bassist and creative force behind the respected hard rock group, Life Of Agony, has launched a short video teaser featuring images from his new, original horror comic book series, Crawl to Me.

More on John Carpenter’s hiatus from the movies and his recent return. Carpenter stopped making films in part because of a string of flops. Poor reviews and battles with studios wore him down. He says he started to realize that driving himself for more than three decades in the movie business had trade-offs. “You give up a part of yourself to get that career,” he says. “I have a son and a godson and a life, and that was all secondary. So I had to stop.” Read more: A Lord of Fright Reclaims His Dark Domain

Comic book artist Gene Colan died this week at age 84. It was in Tomb of Dracula that Colan and writer Marv Wolfman introduced Blade, a character who would turn out to be of major significance to both the horror genre and the comic book movie. Read more on Brutal As Hell

Dead Reckoning is the latest novel in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse, or Southern Vampire Mysteries, series. At book number eleven, it doesn’t seem that there’s a whole lot more to say … but you can catch a review of Dead Reckoning on Gobal Comment.

“There’s definitely going to be some Twitter in American Gods 2,” says Neil Gaiman, who has more than a million-and-a-half followers on Twitter. “Not Twitter per se, but [social networking] like it.” Read more in the Washington Post: Neil Gaiman’s Twitter Vision

J.K. Rowling joins Stephen King and other authors in creating their own digital outlet for their work. If the trend continues, established authors could snatch back power from publishers. Further down the line, Amazon may be forced to allow non-proprietary formats – those not downloaded from its own store – onto its Kindle device.

Steve Niles is more known for his comic book work, most famously the graphic novel 30 Days of Night (which was adapted for film in 2007), but has written screenplays and novels as well. Find out his role in the creation of the video game, Fear 3.

Double Feature is an ongoing digital comic effort by the fine folks at Four Star Studios, featuring a series of stories based around a central genre, be it horror, sci-fi or action. Each issue is split down the middle, featuring two tales from different author-artist teams. Read a review: Horror Double Feature

Horror eBook Hunter highlights Broken (Women of the Otherworld, Book 6) by Kelley Armstrong as a horror Kindle book.

It’s hard to believe Joel Robinson spent a decade as a respectable special education teacher who quietly indulged his passion for art on the side. When he was laid off in 2007 his life took an unexpectedly surreal turn. One of Robinson’s first big forays into professional art was working on a series of Vincent Price comics based on the life of the iconic St. Louis actor. Read an interview here: Joel Robinson

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