Curious about the experience wandering the convention floor? Couldn’t make it this year and need to live vicariously? Alex Brown had a blast this year at San Diego Comic Con, and she has coverage of each day, as it happened.

Churning out novels based on video games seems to a be a trend that’s really catching on now and keeping that tradition in mind, Deep Silver has tied up with Bantam publishing for the novelization of Dead Island according to Gamespot.

To Rachel Caine’s way of thinking, zombies have become today’s “go-to” scary monsters. You can find her own spin on the zombie genre in Working Stiff (Roc, $7.99), the first in a trilogy of “Revivalist” novels. And you can read an interview with her here: Rachel Caine

Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf revives one of the great horror icons: the wolf man. According to this book review, as Anne Rice did with Interview with the Vampire, author Duncan legitimizes the tropes of a tired genre.

In the pantheon of movie monsters, Boris Karloff towers over all others. But unlike several of his contemporaries he never tired of his association with things that went bump in the night. Read about his biography, Boris Karloff – More Than a Monster, by Stephen Jacobs is published by Tomahawk Press.

Magnolia Pictures released the Canadian thriller Good Neighbors – starring Jay Baruchel, Scott Speedman and Emily Hampshire – in a limited theatrical run this week. Shock Till You Drop caught up to stars Speedman and Hampshire and director Jacob Tierney to discuss the film, horror and more.

When Kelley Armstrong published her first volume of fantasy fiction in 2001, one reviewer wrote: “The plot is that of a thriller, and it’s a little shaky: there are too many villains and they are cartoonishly sinister.” Nonetheless, Viking and Plume sold more than 100,000 copies of Bitten, whose protagonist is a female werewolf with superhuman strength and a very active sex life. Read an L.A. Times interview with her here: Kelley Armstrong

Created by EC Publisher Bill Gaines and editor Al Feldstein, Tales from the Crypt featured horror stories by such legendary talents as Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis, Joe Orlando, Al Williamson, Bernie Krigstein and Felstein himself. Now it may be resurrected…

Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, opening Aug. 5, is the seventh film about the peculiarly advanced simians invented by Pierre Boulle in his 1963 novel Planet of the Apes and the first in 10 years. Here’s a look at the series of movies that have evolved from that single novel…

When in 1439 Johannes Gutenberg thought up moveable types and oil-based inks and fixed them on an agricultural screw press, no one could have thought of it as a revolution. But it was indeed a revolution, making ideas and learning available to an audience larger than ever before. The year 2011 will perhaps be remembered for an invention that is likely to have an impact of similar magnitude: the e-book. Are e-books near tipping point?

A mere four days after an enthusiastic Frank Darabont appeared at Comic-Con International in San Diego to preview the second season of The Walking Dead, Deadline reports he’s stepped down as showrunner of the hit AMC drama.

Noble Young Adult would like to see your horror and dark fiction novels for young adults. They aren’t your usual teen publisher. Find out what they’re looking for…

In these changing times of books, some bookstores are able to adapt better than others. Here’s at look at what’s happening at Eerie Books & Collectibles in Wylie, Texas.

Simply scaring his readers is not enough for horror fiction writer Ramsey Campbell – he wants to make them think too. “I’m trying to make you look again at things you’ve taken for granted,” Campbell said. “I don’t think horror fiction requires an abandonment of rationality.” More on Ramsey Campbell…

Here’s an interesting overview of some upcoming horror films (and science fiction films), along with descriptions and clips: Ramp Up For Fall Terror

In yet more comic-to-film news, Deadline reports that the vampire-themed graphic novel Last Blood will be receiving the sliver screen treatment, with Simon Hunter set to direct. Taking advantage of both the current vampire fad and zombie mania, Last Blood will be a thrilling survival horror set in a zombie apocalypse where the vampires are protecting the last of humanity.

Over the next two weeks, GeekDad readers can catch Jonathan Wood’s serialized story, “The Nyarlathotep Event.” The story itself is based in the world of his recently released debut novel, No Hero — the Lovecraftian urban fantasy that dares to ask, what would Kurt Russell do?

Josh Cook took photos of the Naked City reading at Porter Square Bookstore in Cambridge MA on Thursday July 14th, the first eve of Readercon, and Ellen Datlow has posted them online.

The Detroit Free Press says readers of horror and dark fantasy should consider a dip into the Robert Browne pool. In The Paradise Prophecy, he produces a novel that reads like an amalgam of Jim Butcher and Dan Brown.

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