Joe Hill, who has quite the pedigree, recently spoke with CNN about his work, his pen name and his famous father, who is one of the biggest-selling authors in the world. Catch it: A conversation with writer Joe Hill

Alasdair Wilkins says, “We were at the special Comic-Con screening of Locke & Key, an attempted TV adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s acclaimed horror fantasy comic. We can officially add this to the list of brilliant pilots that never got series.”

Looking back at cinema history, you’ll realize many great directors started out making horror films. Coppola’s next movie is Twixt, which the director describes as, “one part Gothic romance, one part personal film, and one part the kind of horror film that began my career.” Find out more: Twixt

Vincent Hobbes came up with the idea for The Endlands, originally a short novel he had planned to write for himself, but after deciding he wanted to include a variety of short stories, the project evolved. Find out how …

Who’s the former James Bond star who will play a novelist in American cable channel A&E’s adaptation of the Stephen King horror novel, Bag of Bones?

In case you missed it, you can experience the Supernatural Noir reading at KGB vicariously through photographs taken by Ellen Datlow. The reading was a great success with Jeffrey Ford, John Langan, Gregory Frost, and Richard Bowes participating.

Joe R. Lansdale is currently co-producing a film with actor Bill Paxton based on his novel The Bottoms. Lansdale writes for a variety of genres including mystery and horror. Keep up with him through this CNN online interview with Lansdale.

Director Bill Condon who comes from a horror film background suggested that directing Twilight: Breaking Dawn wasn’t as much a change of genre for him, as for the series itself, confirming the suspicions of many fans that the content of the final book will change the tone of the until now mostly bloodless vampire series. “Breaking Dawn turns into a horror movie,” he confirmed.

Daybreak is a slight departure of sorts for Brian Ralph — best known for his early work as part of the highly influential Fort Thunder collective and for books like Cave-In — in that it delves into the horror genre. Yes, it’s another zombie book. Find out what Ralph has to say about this new horror comic

Writer-director Kevin Smith is coming to Vancouver to screen and talk about his his controversial horror thriller Red State as part of a five-city Canadian tour. The Aug. 18 screening at the Vogue will be followed by an audience Q&A with Smith, who just loves to go off book.

Is studio giant Universal getting cold feet over what was widely predicted to be the biggest film series since The Lord of the Rings turned into a nine-hour epic: a trilogy of feature films and two television series taken from The Dark Tower, King’s seven-novel saga set in a futuristic Wild West and featuring a knightly hero named Roland Deschain?

Om Books International has announced the release of The Company RED by an Indian author, Shantanu Dhar in September 2011 in New Delhi. A frightful and thought-provoking tale of hunts blurring lines between humans and vampires, The Company RED is the first novel of the RED trilogy by Shantanu Dhar.

A stage adaptation of the horror novel and film The Exorcist is in development from producer Ben Sprecher, according to The New York Post. “It’ll try out at LA’s Geffen Playhouse — and David Geffen’s producing it with me — next July,” Sprecher said.

By now it’s clear that Breaking Bad, as audacious in its fourth season debut as it was in the first, is mixing together a couple of familiar genres – the horror novel and gangster movie – and that the catalyst for this unique experiment in American television will be the metaphor of chemistry.

After years of attending the San Diego Comic-Con as a fan and budding comic writer, Andrew Constant will spend the 2011 show on the other side of the table, selling his debut graphic novel, Torn, which transforms the werewolf myth.

After conquering the film, TV and novel world, multihyphenate Guillermo del Toro set his sights on his childhood love: comicbooks. Now del Toro is exec producing a feature adaptation of his and co-writer Chuck Hogan’s sci-fi vampire novel trilogy The Strain for Dark Horse Comics.

Women24 chats with South African horror fiction writer Joan de la Haye, about her book, Shadows. She prefers demons to vampires, would rather write gruesome than love-some and revels in creating creepy, twisted and demented characters.

For every successful family horror film there are twice as many clunkers, many of which make the fatal mistake of erring too far on the side of “kid friendly” – forgetting that the greatest family films, horror or otherwise, almost always have a current of darkness running through them. The following are a few of the worst…

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