Damnation Books has released The One Percenters by John Podgursky in both paperback (Amazon $11.90) and ebook editions (Damnation Books $4.50)

Description: Edward Caine survives his beloved wife Jill, the seventh victim of a cunning serial killer. During the grieving process, he notes that modern medicine and distorted economics have skewed survival odds within society. Survival of the fittest has become defunct, with the weak and weak-minded allowed to pass on their genes, provided they are suitably funded. Edward is predestined to become a one-percenter, an agent of nature given the job of eliminating the weaker persons from society. He learns that his task requires the discipline to discern between the people he wishes would die and those who should. Eventually, after physical torment and psychological struggle, Edward makes a final stand on an isolated beach before being taken away by authorities and awaiting his own court-ordered death. The One Percenters is reflective in nature, and challenges the social and religious differences among all of us.

“I studied anthropology in college, concentrating on evolution,” says Podgursky. “I’m always considering what makes humans tick, especially our baser qualities, and what defines sanity and intelligence. I like to look at people as primal beings, and one day the story just popped. I don’t remember the exact moment it happened. I probably wasn’t sober.”

Podgursky adds, “As far as the main character, I had absolutely no idea when I started out. I knew he’d be conflicted, cynical, passionate, and a love/hate character, but the details were created as I went along to fit the story. He’s part part psychotic ax murderer, part naive child. He means well until he doesn’t. Or the other way around. He’s everything and nothing that I want to be.”

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