Coming in April from Chômu Press (an independent UK publisher dedicated to publishing fiction that is
both imaginative and unhindered by considerations of genre) will be the paperback original of John Elliott’s Dying To Read.

Description: “The writer did it,” claims Lacenaire, the talking parrot, but what does a bird know about who actually killed Augustin Cox, late of Bedfont, an in between area beloved of J. G. Ballard?

New to the capital, Geraldine Mycroft is in search of the real London. When she answers an employment ad for a Detective Agency, run by the eccentric Norman aka Norma Bones, she is determined to do things by the book. But which book? Will Queneau give the clue to the case, or will it be more Margery Allingham in this post-Ealing comedy murder mystery?

An up-to-the-minute capturing of life, love and death in “Heathrow perimeterville,” Dying to Read is quintessentially British in its celebration of the small-scale, and in the humane skepticism of its observant eye, but continental undercurrents are at work here, experimental and expansive, making this novel a true citizen of world literature.

While it’s still a little early to pre-order Dying To Read, stop by and check out the publisher: Chômu Press

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