Kim Newman has written a wonderful obituary on the recent passing of Jimmy Sangster for Sangster, a screenwriter, producer, director and novelist, was born December 2, 1927 and died August 19, 2011. He was the screenwriter behind Hammer films such as Dracula and The Curse of Frankenstein. His first script was for a short (A Man On the Beach, 1955) and his first feature script was X the Unknown (1956), a science-fiction film. In the late 1950s and early ’60s, he wrote historical horrors (Jack the Ripper, 1959), a science-fiction film (The Trollenberg Terror, 1958) and even the based-on-fact drama The Siege of Sidney Street (1960), in which Sangster appeared in a non-speaking role as Winston Churchill.

You can read his entire obituary here: James Henry Kinmel Sangster

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