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Starting from 2014 the Horror Writers Association (HWA) has instituted the Horror Writers Association Scholarship, open to all members of the HWA. The Scholarship is designed to assist in the professional development of writers in the horror/dark fantasy genre. The first Horror Writers Association Scholarship has been awarded to Jim Pyre, a pseudonym for a writer who grew up in Chicago but now lives in a small farming town.

Jim lives in Ohio with my wife and many, many cats. A Midwesterner by birth, he grew up in Chicago and graduated from a law school in Columbus, Ohio. He reads, writes and works a day job in between. He writes because he knows that there are places – above and below us, behind us, beside us, just beyond the reach of our peripheral vision, that are inhabited, populated, filled … with things. You know what he’s talking about. Things. Spooky things. Creepy things. Crawly things. Shadowy things.  Ghostly things even. And these things always find their way into his fiction. He can be found at: www.jimpyre.com, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter as Jim Pyre.

Jim said, “I’m humbled and incredibly grateful for receiving this award. I would like to thank the Horror Writers Association and the judges for awarding me this scholarship. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to explore my craft. To learn just how to put blood to paper. When I was a child I dreamed of becoming an author. I’d copy book after book in the hopes of understanding the secrets of becoming a writer. Sadly, most childhood fancies fall by the wayside with age and mine were no different. School and work replaced art, but my desire to create always remained. Now, thanks to the HWA I get follow a wonderful dream I’ve put on hold for far too long.”

HWA President Rocky Wood said, “We are pleased to present a scholarship specifically targeted to support the development of authors in our genre.”

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The Horror Writers Association is a worldwide organization promoting dark literature and its creators. It has over 1200 members who write, edit and publish professionally in fiction, nonfiction, videogames, films, comics, and other media. For more information about the HWA visit www.horror.org. Media inquiries to [email protected]

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