Okay, I know it’s silly and probably not worthy of a post, but it’s Monday and I just couldn’t resist …

A controversial B.C. genetics researcher is continuing to reveal the surprisingly common practice of Hollywood baby-switching in hopes of getting it stopped.

With attention on the Harry Potter film series, Susan Maureen Brandt says J. K. Rowling wasn’t chosen to become the most successful author in history because of her writing. She’s the secret daughter of famous horror movie actor Vincent Price, conceived on a film set with beautiful actress Susan Hart, who then married horror-movie producer James H. Nicholson to conceal the pregnancy.

Here’s what Brandt had to say on her website:

To the delight of horror movie fans everywhere, it appears that Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling was born as the secret child of horror movie actor Vincent Price, who secretly impregnated his co-star, B-movie actress Susan Hart, sometime during the filming of two movies released in 1965.

J. K. Rowling is said to have been born in the summer of 1965. Susan Hart married B-movie producer, James H. Nicholson, in 1965. They reportedly had a son together, Jim, but he was likely the biological child only of his father, or the child of another couple altogether, unless he was born following the birth of J. K. Rowling in a subsequent pregnancy.

J. K. Rowling clearly resembles Vincent Price, and the fact that her biological mother married a horror-movie producer to hide her pregnancy with Price certainly appears to be a logical connection to Rowling going on to become the writer behind the Harry Potter film series.

Unfortunately, film and literature in general hide a dark secret that the public may be less happy to know about. Despite the modern idea of the world no longer being under the control of wealthy rulers connected by a single bloodline, it has only been made to seem so. Through baby-switching and hidden pregnancies, bloodline rule has continued, and continues to take a toll of the health and happiness of those involved.

Some have suggested that the Harry Potter books are a glorification of life for children within the Atlantean bloodline, which was the forerunner to the Egyptian, Arabian, Greek, Roman, and British royal families, as well as the fictionalized model for mythical and Biblical heroes. It is typical that to secure incestuous bloodlines, children must be separated from their biological parents, raised under harsh conditions, and then reintroduced to their half-siblings at a later age, leading to incest marriages and children born with exclusive bloodline genes.

The Harry Potter books’ use of murder and gore, along with a boarding school education and the notion of a secret world that ordinary people know nothing about, is clearly a metaphor for the global “satanic” elite and the way they educate their children to function as celebrities and professionals of all types in a “Christianized” world. The word “satan” originally meant “opponent,” and along with devil and Lucifer, simply describes the characteristics of the Atlantean Brotherhood.

While no deaths or secret pregnancies may have arisen from the production of the Harry Potter films, the films and the books they were based on offer a dumbed-down version of alchemy and ancient Roman history.

So there you have it.

Just in case the world isn’t crazy enough without a new conspiracy theory popping up every day.

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