Ty Schwamberger & Thomas A. Erb have announced their “Horror Galore” Contest. There are three prize levels:

1st: Autographed Texas Chainsaw Massacre III movie poster. This poster comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is signed by: Joe Unger, Viggo Mortensen, Kate Hodge, Ken Force & William Butler. The poster is valued at over $150 and was donated by [email protected] Plus Fangoria #306 (September). This item is valued at around $10 and was donated by Bekah McKendry at Fangoria.

2nd: The mass market paperback of The Cellar by Richard Laymon. This item is valued at around eight bones, and as always, graciously donated by the wonderful, Ann Laymon. You’ll also receive a copy of the aforementioned issue of Fangoria.

3rd: A single issue of Fangoria #306.

For information on how to enter the contest visit: Horror Galore

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