Author Gabriel Beyers has released Guarding The Healer, a new horror/paranormal thriller about the ongoing war between angels and demons, as an ebook.

Description: When Silas Walker is endowed with the power to heal, he discovers that no gift comes without a price. The obsession of a murderous man possessed by an ancient evil, Silas is plagued with photos of the Creature’s victims, each marked with a crude image of an angel. After being given an ominous warning, “I have no need of martyrs”, Silas embarks on a journey to discover the true purpose of his gift and draw his enemy away from those he loves. Fleeing from not just his Stalker, but a whole army of demons, Silas must rely on his friendship with a young drifter named Tommy, and a guardian angel he doesn’t even know exists. Silas’s guardian angel is doing all he can to protect his charge, but he is certain that Silas is heading into an ambush. He also knows that there is no turning back. Even an angel can’t alter a man’s destiny.

Guarding The Healer is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

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