Due to demand from their collectors who missed out on the “Stephen King Characters” art print Cemetery Dance sold a few weeks ago, Glenn Chadbourne has provided the publisher with a new Stephen King Characters Art Print. This is a brand new 11 X 13 Signed Limited Edition art print by Glenn Chadbourne, inspired by some of Stephen King’s greatest characters and villains.

To make this signed and Hand-Numbered Limited Edition art print an extra special part of your collection, Cemetery Dance is going to sell them for one week only, After the week is over, the print run will be set in stone and Cemetery Dance will print no more. If they sell 50 of these prints, that’ll be the print run.

Each copy will be signed and numbered by artist Glenn Chadbourne, and buyers get their numbers based on when they order. So Order #1, will get Art Print #1, etc. There is no limit on how many prints you can buy. The prints will be available for just $24.99 plus shipping.

Interested collectors can order directly from Cemetery Dance, for one week only, here: Chadborne’s King Characters

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