Cemetery Dance Publications has announced the Deluxe Oversized Signed Special Limited Edition of Gideon’s Corpse by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Description: A top nuclear scientist goes mad and takes an innocent family hostage at gunpoint, killing one and causing a massive standoff.

A plume of radiation above New York City leads to a warehouse where, it seems, a powerful nuclear bomb was assembled just hours before.

Sifting through the evidence, authorities determine that the unthinkable is about to happen: in ten days, a major American city will be vaporized by a terrorist attack.

And Gideon Crew, tracking the mysterious terrorist cell from the suburbs of New York to the mountains of New Mexico, learns the end may be something worse — far worse — than mere Armageddon.

Free Worldwide ShippingSpecial Features Exclusive to this Deluxe Collector’s Edition:

  • deluxe oversized design different from any other edition
  • a full-color signature sheet personally signed by both of the authors
  • fine binding for both the Limited Edition and the Lettered Edition
  • epic cover artwork by Tomislav Tikulin
  • extremely collectible print run

Check it out: Gideon’s Corpse

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